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Native Language Community Coordination (NLCC) is a demonstration project initiated by the Administration for Native Americans in 2016. Through the establishment of cooperative agreements with site-based educational programs, the five recipients demonstrate evidence-based strategies that integrate Native language and educational services within their specific community. Ultimately, each recipient community will sustain over the long-term Native Language instruction and identify the range of promising practices that deliver positive gains in Native language proficiency and fluency, leading to progress across key indicators related to educational success, positive mental health outcomes, increased earning capacity, and other outcomes related to well-being.

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American Rescue Plan Act Emergency Native Language Funding Opportunity Announcement

The Administration for Children and Families has released the Emergency Native Language Funding Opportunity Announcement…

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2021 Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

Several of our 2021 Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) are now published and live. You can find…

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Cherokee Nation To Expand Language Preservation Program

The Cherokee Nation is expanding the Cherokee Language Master Apprentice Program that focuses on preserving…

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The communities of the NLCC Cohort alphabetically include Aaniiih Nakoda College, Cherokee Nation, Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma, Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak, and Yurok Tribe. They form a community of practice, which is connected through their spirit of learning, knowledge sharing, peer learning, and collaboration. Furthermore, they are connected as individuals, groups within their communities, and their own organizational development. To learn more about each recipient or to go to their websites or social media pages, please choose their community profile below.


Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma, Carnegie, Oklahoma

The Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma is building their community capacity for Kiowa language instruction within five of their communities in southwest Oklahoma: Anadarko, Carnegie, Cache, Norman, and Tulsa. The Kiowa language is in danger of becoming extinct with only 20…

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About the NLCC T/TA Team

The NLCC T/TA Center team delivers training via webinars, or events in person or virtually; technical assistance with monthly coaching calls and in-person site visits when safe; peer-to-peer networking opportunities through monthly coaching calls, encouraging calls between recipients, an interactive forum, and private Facebook group; and sharing of Native language resources, tools, and materials.

Meet Tachini Pete

Tachini Pete is Salish/Navajo, and is the current Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Director for the Native Language Community Coordination (NLCC) T/TA Center. Tachini works on language transfer capacity, second language acquisition, and researching and documenting the Salish language. Tachini’s experience teaching at all age levels (preschool to college) as well as an executive leader,…