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Kevin Simeon

Project Coordinator
Spokane Tribe/Pacquachin First Nation
Administration for Native Americans, Native Language Community Coordination (NLCC) Training and Technical Assistance Center

Kevin Simeon (Spokane Tribe) is a Project Coordinator for the NLCC T/TA Center. He provides project support in organization, tracking deliverables, planning, logistical support, and communication outreach for NLCC cooperative agreement recipients.

Language Story

Kevin Simeon has always loved language from a very young age, he had started his language journey in high school when he began taking Spanish classes. However, it was when he embarked on his university adventure when he had truly discovered his passion for learning languages. After completing his freshman year of college, Kevin had decided to spend a summer abroad in Chiang Mai Thailand where he intensely studied the Thai language. After his summer language program concluded, Kevin returned to Washington State with a passion for language and decided to enroll in Chinese 101. Chinese came naturally to Kevin and he had instantly fell in love with the language. Kevin would continue his Chinese studies throughout the rest of his college career and eventually graduate as one of the top performing students within the Chinese language program.

Shortly after graduating in 2017 Kevin then relocated to Seoul, South Korea where he studied Korean and taught English classes in a private English academy. After spending nine months living in Seoul Kevin had decided to join the Peace Corps to teach university level English at a Chinese university. During both stays abroad he had diligently studied the local language. He now speaks Chinese, Korean and Thai.


Kevin has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chinese Language & Culture with an additional major in Asian studies from Washington State University in 2017. In addition to Washington State University, Kevin has also attended Shanghai University in Shanghai, China and Chiang Mai University in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He has also completed U.S. Peace Corps training as an ESL instructor and taught college level classes at Chengdu Normal University in Chengdu, China.

Sister Sky, Inc.

Kevin is the Project Coordinator at Sister Sky, Inc. He provides project support and organization as well as writing for many grantees on the contracts assigned. Kevin assists in webinars, newsletters, and meeting logistics.

Other Professional Experience

Kevin has strong instruction experience and has served as an English language teacher at Poly Education Institute in Seoul, South Korea where he planned and conducted classes, developed teaching materials, exams and evaluations and facilitated meetings and presentations. Kevin has also completed U.S. Peace Corps training as an ESL instructor and instructed college level classes at Chengdu Normal University in Chengdu China.

In 2017, Kevin was invited to create a presentation titled “Awareness of Native American Culture in China” at the Columbia Basin Undergraduate Research Paper Symposium in Asian Studies. He conducted topic research using approved university methodology, constructed an interview pool and conducted interviews; compiled and synthesized data and presented findings.

Areas of Expertise

  • Administrative management, meeting, and logistical planning and facilitationForeign Language Acquisition
  • Lesson Planning & Curriculum development
  • Public Speaking
  • Event Planning
  • Project management and organization
  • Interpersonal communication