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Language Stories

Below you find language stories from Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak.

Alutiiq Language Teaching
During The Pandemic

While we have scaled back our community engagement to
prevent the spread of COVID-19, we still want to teach Alutiiq
to as many interested people as possible!

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Heroes of Alutiiq Language History

Language learning with threatened Native languages can be difficult for many reasons. Those of us who strive to reach the next rung on the ladder of language learning need all of the inspiration we can get! As a second-language speaker of my heritage language, I gain inspiration from the accomplishments of early Alutiiq linguists.

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Honoring Alutiiq Elders: Florence Pestrikoff inspires younger generations

Celebrating our Elders is an important value in the Native community. The Alutiiq language movement has relied heavily on the expertise and commitment of many fluent Elders. For this week’s article, I’d like to recognize Florence Pestrikoff for her contributions to Alutiiq language education.

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Mary Haakanson – an Old Harbor Treasure

For this week’s article, I’d like to recognize Mary Haakanson for her contributions to Alutiiq language education across Kodiak Island, particularly in Old Harbor village.

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