Dear Friends of Indigenous Languages:

Registration is still open for the combined 28th Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium (SILS) and 12th American Indian / Indigenous Teacher Education Conference (AIITEC) that is being held on June 17-18, 2022 at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. Registration information and the conference schedule of activities can be found at

We are still looking for chapters to be considered for publication in a conference related monograph. Previous conference monographs have received excellent reviews. Dr. Janine Pease noted in her review of Sustaining Indigenous Languages in the summer 2022 issue of the Tribal College journal that it’s “a fascinating read, whether you have a general interest in Indigenous languages, are a second language learner, a master teacher of Indigenous language, or a tribal language planner…. No matter where you come from, your reason for reading, or your level of Indigenous language expertise, I highly recommend this volume for your bookshelf as a reference on sustaining Indigenous languages.” This monograph is a available full text at . Dr. Tim Begay, in the same issue of Tribal College noted that Honoring Our Students “offers recent research and first-hand accounts on improving learning environs for Indigenous children and provides a look at the fluctuating policies that shape Indian education. This publication is available full-text at

The SILS Steering Committee is looking for a host for the 29th Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium to be held in 2023. The Steering Committee has no funds to support this symposium/conference, but it also does not ask for any funding from the host site. A short history of the Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposiums can be found at

For more information you can contact at