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Yurok Tribe – Yurok

Traditionally, the Yurok people lived in what today is Northern California, near the Klamath River and the Pacific Coast. The Yurok have continuously occupied the same traditional territory since before European contact, so they continue to live in many of the same village sites as their ancestors. Today, the Yurok is the largest tribe in the state of California with more than 5,000 enrolled members. Tribal headquarters are located in Klamath, California.

Language Project

Yurok Language Project: Bridging the Language Gaps from Preschool through College. The Yurok Tribe (Tribe) is the largest aboriginal tribe in the State of California, with over 6,000 members. The Yurok Reservation is located in the far northwest corner of California, 300 miles north of San Francisco, near the Oregon Border. The land of the Yurok has been described many times as the most remote area of the state. The terrain is mostly steep and mountainous. The greatest portion of the Reservation has neither electricity nor telephones. The Reservation runs from the Pacific Ocean, near the town of Klamath, 45 miles upstream past the uppermost village of Weitchpec and encompasses one mile on either side of the Klamath River. Economic development is a daunting challenge due to extreme isolation and lack of infrastructure. Unemployment typically runs around 40% and rises to around 70% during winter months.