Duration: 1 hour

Facilitator: Cree Whelshula

Presenters: Cherokee, Aaniiih Nakoda College, Sun’aq, Kiowa, and Yurok

Description: Time will be allotted during the convening to share out on curriculum that has been developed by each project. This time will allow for grantees to discuss curriculum guidelines, benchmarks, and other established protocols, procedures, etc. in regard to curriculum development. In addition, this time will allow for peer-to-peer Q&A, discussion. Please come prepared to share and discuss your curriculum.  

Materials: None provided by NLCC T/TA Center.

Directions: Facilitated group discussion on curriculum development. Questions to consider: How did you determine standards, benchmarks, and objectives for your curriculum?  Who was part of the curriculum development process? Does your curriculum identify cultural standards?  How many levels of curriculum do you currently have (basic, intermediate, etc.)?  Who approves the curriculum and language authenticity/accuracy?