Duration: 45 minutes

Presenter: Cree Whelshula

Description: How to develop a robust memorandum of understanding (MOU) and building equitable partnerships.

Materials: The MOU PowerPoint is provided in soft copy on the USB drive and below for download. The MOU practice exercise is provided in hard copy as part of your convening in a box, and in soft copy on the USB drive as well as below for download. 

  1. MOU PowerPoint
  2. MOU Practice Exercise 

Nearpod instructions: 

  • Copy the Nearpod link from the Zoom chat box.
  • Open a new browser window (Do NOT close your Zoom window)
  • Paste the Nearpod link in the URL address bar and hit return to go to site. Once there, you will see the code box. 
  • Return to the Zoom chat box and copy the 5-letter code
  • Return to the Nearpod site and paste the 5-letter code into the box and hit submit.
  • Enter in your first name so the facilitator/presenter knows you were able to access Nearpod.
  • Follow along.
  • When done in Nearpod, close Nearpod (x at the top of the right-hand screen) and you can return to the Zoom window.


Convening in a Box: registrants will receive a box with hard copies of select agenda items, a USB drive that contains soft copies of all meeting materials, and other items.

Hard copy: documents printed on paper.

Soft copy: documents that are in electronic formats such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe PDF.