Duration: 1 Hour

Presenters: Cree Whelshula and Maria Griffin

Description: Discussion and activities in regard to Year 5 planning.  

Materials: The Year 5 calendar by quarters is provided in hard copy as part of your convening in a box, and in soft copy on the USB drive as well as below for download.

  1. Year 5 Quarter 1 – July through September 2020
  2. Year 5 Quarter 2 – October through December 2020
  3. Year 5 Quarter 3 – January through March 2021
  4. Year 5 Quarter 4 – April through June 2021

Directions: Review the quarters. Identify any dates that need to be changed (e.g., coaching call falling on a holiday). Identify and discuss dates that would be ideal for site visits (virtual or actual), as well as dates for the semi-annual meetings between October and June 2021. 

Nearpod instructions: 

  • Copy the Nearpod link from the Zoom chat box.
  • Open a new browser window (Do NOT close your Zoom window)
  • Paste the Nearpod link in the URL address bar and hit return to go to site. Once there, you will see the code box. 
  • Return to the Zoom chat box and copy the 5-letter code
  • Return to the Nearpod site and paste the 5-letter code into the box and hit submit.
  • Enter in your first name so the facilitator/presenter knows you were able to access Nearpod.
  • Follow along.
  • When done in Nearpod, close Nearpod (x at the top of the right-hand screen) and you can return to the Zoom window.


Convening in a Box: registrants will receive a box with hard copies of select agenda items, a USB drive that contains soft copies of all meeting materials, and other items.

Hard copy: documents printed on paper.

Soft copy: documents that are in electronic formats such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe PDF.