Survey Development Video

Facilitation Tips

On average, we have an hour with about 15 to 20 minutes for the presentation aspect. Which leaves about 40 minutes for the discussion. I suggest the following.

  1. Review the presentation and summarize.
  2. Develop questions to ask the audience to stimulate conversation.
  3. Start the discussion with the summary.
  4. Next provide an anecdote about what you have done that is similar to the information provided in the presentation. 
  5. Ask the audience if they would like to share something that they learned or would like to work on that was given in the presentation. This would be a roundtable start 😊.
  6. If no responses, go to your questions and ask, then I’ll spin the wheel of names to choose a respondent.
  7. A two minute warning for any final questions or comments will be given.

Speaking Order

This event is special because we have more than just one master or mistress of ceremonies. Thank you for being a part of the NLCC Semi-annual Meeting – January 2021!

Tuesday, January 26, Morning

  • Maria Griffin will open and introduce Dr. Sean Chandler.
  • Sean will preside over the rest of the morning, which includes Cree’s pre-recorded presentation on supervisor skills.

Tuesday, January 26, Afternoon

  • Maria will re-introduce Sean
  • Sean will introduce Serena Chandler and Xavier Hawley for their presentation.
  • Sean will introduce Candace Branson for the facilitation of the Strategic Plan Share Out.
  • Candace will introduce Kiowa for their inspirational moment.
  • Maria will close the day and remind everyone of the Visiting Room.

Wednesday, January 27, Morning

  • Jim Myers will open the day and carry through the Survey Development breakout.
  • Survey Development Breakout has the following facilitators:
  • Jim will introduce Cherokee for their inspirational moment.

Wednesday, January 27, Afternoon

  • Tachini Pete will open and introduce Cree’s pre-recorded presentation on Team building and Kiowa as the facilitator.
  • Kiowa will then introduce ANA for their section.
  • Tachini will close the day and remind everyone of the Kahoots! Game and Brandon Smith as the game MC.

Thursday, January 28, Morning

  • Jim will open the day and introduce Victoria Carlson, Yurok, and she’ll preside over the survey report out.
  • Victoria will introduce Sun’aq for their inspirational moment.
  • Candace will re-introduce Victoria for the Yurok Inspirational moment.

Thursday, January 28, Afternoon

  • Maria will open the afternoon with the program sustainability presentation.
  • Tachini will introduce Cherokee as facilitator.
  • Tachini will wrap up, remind about the visiting room, and introduce Sean for the cultural closing.