The NLCC T/TA Center has set up a Resources section on the Semi-annual Meeting web page that has links, PDFs, and other information that is relevant to the activities and presentations that will be part of the Semi-annual Meeting.

Also, every day you will have a chance to visit with one another in the Zoom Visiting Room before the start of the convening, during the break, and after the close of each day. A link to the room will be provided in several places include the virtual Agenda, and on each of the separate pages on the Semi-annual Meeting website.

Project Planning and Development Manual

Community Readiness Model

Year 5 Calendars

Wheel of Names

To keep the virtual meeting “livelier” we are using Wheel of Names ( to help us randomly choose people to respond during discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wheel of Names:

  • What is Wheel of Names?
    • Wheel of Names is a random selector tool that was designed for choosing winners/names that is open sourced.
  • Is Wheel of Names free?
    • Yes.
  • Can I change how long the wheel spins?
    • Yes. Click Customize and a dialog box will come up where you can set the spin time.
  • Can I change the text in the winner pop-up window to something else?
    • Yes. Click Customize and a dialog box will come up where you can set what the message in this pop-up will be.
  • Can I change the size of the text?
    • Sorry, the app does not support this. Instead, the text is rendered as large as possible while still fitting inside the wheel. In other words, the shorter your entries are, the larger the text will be.
  • How can I display more than one wheel running at the same time?
    • Create two browser windows side-by-side and point them both to
  • I made a lot of settings changes, how do I save all of them for next time?
    • Your settings (like colors and sounds) are saved on your device. When you reopen the web page on the same device, the settings you last used are loaded again.

      To make sure you don’t lose your settings, or to use them on another device, click Save and give your wheel a name.
  • When I remove a winning name from the wheel, does it get removed from my saved wheel as well?
    • No, it doesn’t. For example, let’s say you save a wheel of dishes as “Comfort food”: Pasta, Hamburger, Noodles. You open “Comfort food”, spin and Pasta comes up the winner. If you click “Remove winner”, Pasta will disappear from the wheel. But if you click Open to open “Comfort food” again, the wheel will reappear with all dishes, including Pasta.
  • How many names/items can I put on the wheel?
    • The wheel can display up to 500 names at one time. We added this limit, as the names become too small to read if more are displayed. If you enter more than 500 names in the text box, new names are randomly picked from the text box and put on the wheel as it spins. The result is that all names in the text box have the same chance of winning, even if only 500 are displayed on the wheel at any one time.
  • Can the wheel display non-Latin characters?
    • Yes, just enter the characters you want in the text box. See here for a wheel showing the word for water in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Latin, Russian, Thai and Vietnamese.
  • Can the wheel display symbols instead of text?
    • Yes, you can copy special characters like smileys from other websites and paste them into the text box. They will then appear on the wheel. See this wheel for an example. Emojipedia is a great place to find characters to copy.
  • Can the wheel display images instead of text?
    • Yes, click the Add image button and you can upload an image. If you write text next to the image in the text box, that text will appear on top of the image.

      Images with uniform background color work the best. Each slice with an image gets the same background color as the image
  • Why are we using Wheel of Names for our Semi-annual meeting?
    • The NLCC T/TA Center wanted to ensure that the attendees will have equal time to discuss or ask questions without feeling shy.
  • How can I access Wheel of Names outside of the Semi-annual meeting?

Additional FAQs: