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Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma – Kiowa

The Kiowa people originally came from Western Montana, near present-day Yellowstone National Park. Over the course of time, they migrated southward, following the Rocky Mountains to eventually settle in the southern plains. In 1867, the United States government relocated the Kiowa people to the “Indian Territory,” which would later become the State of Oklahoma. Today, the Kiowa Tribe is based in the town of Carnegie, Oklahoma and has more than 12,000 members.

Language Project

Kiowa Language and Culture Revitalization Program: Implementing a Continuum of High-Quality Kiowa Language Instruction across all Educational Levels from Preschool through Post-Secondary Education. With a rich and complex culture, empowering ceremonial and spiritual practices, and a language that is distinct, complicated, and unrelated to a vast majority of North American and world languages, the Kiowa people remain culturally and spiritually intact despite the century of forced assimilation into foreign American society.