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Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak – Kodiak Alutiiq

The Sunaq Tribe is a federally recognized Alaska Native tribe located on Kodiak Island in the state of Alaska. More than two-thirds of the Native population living in the Kodiak Archipelago are members of the Sunaq Tribe of Kodiak, which is the largest of the 10 federally-recognized Tribes in the area and the largest Alaska Native community in the Gulf of Alaska. The Tribe serves 1,738 Tribal members who live on the Island.

Language Project

“Tamamta Liitukut” Kodiak Alutiiq Language Education Continuum Project (translated as “Everyone is Learning”) is designed to cultivate the Kodiak Alutiiq language education continuum by developing the speaking proficiency of preschool-aged children and their families through enhanced immersion language instruction. In addition to creating a new Alutiiq Language Nest to round out the Kodiak Alutiiq language education service continuum, this project will develop a community engagement and recruitment campaign, strengthen elementary and middle school language outreach, and provide supportive services for high school and college level Alutiiq language students to promote Alutiiq conversation among families.