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Alutiiq Language Teaching
During The Pandemic

The Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak teaches Alutiiq language classes
to all ages, with classes for preschool age children, up through
adults. During a typical school year, we offer community classes
for beginners, run an immersion preschool, teach language at
Dig Afognak, and a Dual credit language class at Kodiak High

Language revitalization programs across the state have been
facing how to best continue the vital work of Language revitalization,
and carefully involve our vulnerable elder-speaker
population. Due to the increased risk of infection of COVID-19
among elders, and with so few fluent speakers of Alutiiq we
are being very cautious about engaging our elders. We are still
working through this process of finding a way to safely continue
to build community and learn from our elders.

While we have scaled back our community engagement to
prevent the spread of COVID-19, we still want to teach Alutiiq
to as many interested people as possible! Our language teachers
have begun producing immersion videos for preschool age
kids to view from home. These videos will be available publicly
on our YouTube and Facebook pages. Families that enrolled in
the nest for the 2020-21 school year will meet outdoors twice
monthly through the fall to increase access to Alutiiq Speakers,
and exposure to Alutiiq language use in real-life context.

Children, families and teachers play outdoor games at Sargent Park in

The Alutiiq language class at the Kodiak High school has been
offered as a yearlong 1 credit course since 2011. Sun’aq will
be working with the school district to teach Alutiiq classes this
spring. Our community partner, the Kodiak College is currently
running their Alutiiq 101 class this semester, and still offers the
Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Alutiiq Language.

This summer we started offering online classes on how to
introduce yourself in Alutiiq, every other Monday at 6pm.
Natalia Schneider is teaching these classes to beginners and
people who have a foundation but want to learn more and
increase confidence. We are also facilitating Language Club,
which is open to anyone who wants to join.

Families and teachers play memory in Alutiiq together at the language
nest in 2019

You can find more information and opportunities on the
following Facebook pages:

Alutiiq Speakers and Learners
Alutiiq Language Nest
Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak
Alutiiq Language Resources