Each year, ANA convenes panels of experts to objectively analyze and score eligible grant applications. These scores are used to rank eligible applications which helps ANA decide which tribes or native organizations will receive funds. We are looking for panel reviewers who know the communities we serve first hand and are a part of the American Indian/Alaska Native and Pacific Islander communities themselves.

Apply today to be a panel reviewer! https://buff.ly/3ePmmSK

2021 Pre-application Trainings!
Each year the ANA Regional T/TA Centers provide pre-application trainings for the recently released funding opportunity announcements. This is your chance to take advantage of free training and technical assistance on how to apply for an ANA grant. Check out your local ANA Regional T/TA Center for more information.

Eastern Region: https://www.anaeastern.org/2021-pre-application-training/

Western Region: https://www.anawestern.org/training

Pacific Region: https://anapacificbasin.org/

Alaska Region: https://www.anaalaska.org/trainings-and-events

NLCC Webinar: Planning a Successful Language Program
We’re planning a webinar for May on Planning a Successful Language Program. The date and time are still to be determined, but stay tuned to our website and announcements to our newsletter subscribers. The webinar will be open to all ANA Language grantees and those who want to be a language grantee. We’ll send out save-the-date emails soon!