Contribution by Cree Whelshula, NLCC TTA Director

At this time, many tribes are adjusting to working remotely as they follow tribal administration guidelines and orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. For language programs that are still able to operate remotely, this means that the strategies for delivering or providing language lessons and resources are entering a new and, possibly, unfamiliar space. Many tools are available for language resources online or through phone / iPad applications and I’ve included a list of some of the resources that I have found useful.

  • Book Creator – This is program is available online (Chrome browser only) or on an iPad app. Book Creator allows you to make online eBooks. What is neat about this program is that you can also add audio to the pages, which is great when some of your audience may not be able to read or speak your language. In addition, the pages of your eBook can also include video. Find it at or
  • StoryBoard That – This program is available on computer. Through this program you can easily create visuals for stories or situations in a comic strip style. It accepts many different fonts as well if your language has its own font. Find it at
  • Sock Puppets – This is an IOS (iPad) app. It is very easy to use and publish your puppet shows. You choose your sock puppets, select scenes, select props, and the sock puppets mouths will move to the syllables of your speech. You can edit the voices of each sock puppet so if you want it deep, squeaky, or normal. Just search “sock puppets” in your app store.
  • Thinglink – This is a website that allows you to create interactive photos and videos. It is very fun and engaging. Check it this demo:

If you are interested in learning more about how to bring language into an online setting, watch this presentation by NLCC Director, Cree Whelshula in working with Cherokee Nation, an NLCC cooperative agreement recipient: