Digital Stories

Contribution by Denise Middlebrook, PhD

We recently had a chance to view digital stories that some of you have put together that highlight your BH2I programs and practices. In recent site visits, we have also been able to record and interview BH2I project staff including Project Leads, and Behavioral and Primary Care staff. We love these kinds of media and communication tools and would like to strongly encourage all of you to create your own videos. I am sure that most of you have access to a digital video recorder in your clinics or you may know of someone in your communities that could work with you on this kind of project. Our goal is to gather and edit them into one video that we can share with IHS leadership and other Federal partners, especially during the upcoming grantee convening in June.

Remember, the Behavioral Health Integration Initiative that you have been engaged in over the last two years is relatively new to AIAN country, and our BH2I project was a pilot project meant to demonstrate how this is implemented in AIAN populations. For our final convening in Washington DC, we will show these videos to BH2I attendees, IHS leadership, and to the many invited dignitaries and guests. This is your opportunity to tell your stories, share your successes and goals for the future of Behavioral Health Integration in your clinics.

Please send us your videos by no later than the end of March so that our media team has adequate time to edit them to include in our final convening programming. You can send your videos to Maria Griffin, Please feel free to contact Denise or Maria with questions you may have regarding content for your videos.