Contribution by Maria Griffin, NLCC TTA Center Director

According to the surveys and from what I heard, the convening was a success! Thank you to everyone for participating whether it be in the planning process or attending the event, we want to acknowledge everyone’s efforts. We want to share items from the surveys that were collected. Consider this a demonstration of data sharing that you learned about at the convening.

Our evaluation team (Gary Bess Associates) developed the convening surveys, reviewed, and analyzed the results. The daily evaluation survey consisted of three statements and two open-ended questions. The final day survey added questions that pertained to the overall convening experience with three statements and four questions.


The daily surveys included three statements that the attendees were asked to rate on a 5-part scale ranging from Strongly Agree to Do Not Agree at All. The statements rated are as follows.

  • The presentations/activities provided me with useful information.
  • I learned something new from the presentations/activities.
  • The presentations/activities have practical applications for our NLCC project.

The Table 1 Data Averages shows the average score for each day (first row), and the daily average for each question. As you can see the scores trend upward indicating improvement in participant satisfaction with the presentations and activities. The range was for a high score of 5 (Strongly Agree) to a low score of 1 (Do Not Agree at All).

StatementDay 1Day 2Day 3Overall Avg.
TOTAL Avg. Presentations/Activities Score4.724.774.864.78
The presentations/activities have practical applications for our NLCC project.4.754.804.864.80
I learned something new from the presentations/activities.4.754.804.864.80
The presentations/activities provided me with useful information.4.674.704.864.74

In addition to the statement that are reported as averages, open-ended questions were included and the answers to the questions will be provided for each day that follows.

  • Is there anything that you heard or learned today that you plan to implement into your NLCC project?
  • Is there anything that you would like to add about the first/second/third day of the convening?

Each evening, the evaluation team analyzed the completed surveys and provided a report of the previous day’s comments. Using qualitative analysis (another demonstrated technique from the convening), the following themes were identified from the comments made by the recipients.

  • Experiential activities were well-received
    • Qualitative exercise
    • Dice game (conjugation)
    • Color psychology
    • Digital storytelling
  • Sharing of cultural activities from Yurok
    • Opening and closing songs
    • Traditional salmon dinner
    • Site visit and video
  • Peer-to-Peer Sharing
    • Candace’s presentation
    • Partnership presentations
    • Teacher candidate presentation

The overall convening experience questions were given on Day 3. The questions asked and all of the comments received are provided.

  • What did you like best about the convening?
    • Able to know that we all face obstacles as programs and that we can be successful.
    • Cree’s presentation on how many hours it takes to be at a certain level of language [proficiency].
    • Interaction with participants facing some of the same challenges and some of the same joys we do. 
    • Cree was awesome!
    • Sharing.
  • What did you like least about the convening?
    • Nothing. We built a great rapport.
  • Do you have suggestions for future convenings?
    • More networking.
    • When we convene, I’d like to see more cultural [elements].
  • Is there anything else you would like to add?
    • Great job!
    • I really enjoyed my time here. The Yurok people are a beautiful people and wonderful host.
    • Overall, I feel the convening was motivational and I learned a lot.
    • Safe travels!

Although I wasn’t there to experience the event, I did hear a lot of good things about your gathering. I’m happy to see that you enjoyed your time together and we look forward to planning the next gathering in the fall on Kodiak Island to visit the Sun’aq Tribe.