Contribution by Jim Myers

In January 2021, NLCC’s semi-annual meeting was virtually held over a three-day period – January 26 through January 28. For this convening, Sister Sky Inc. and grantee staff co-facilitated the convening with presentations and activities – a different approach from the conventional Sister Sky Inc.-led facilitation. Topics co-facilitated for the convening ranged from new tools and strategies for effective supervision to developing surveys, to team-building approaches, and to program sustainability.

At the end of each of the day’s convening, participants (i.e., program staff from each of the five grantees) were asked to complete a brief online survey that assessed whether each presentation/activity met one or more of the following criteria:

  • Provided useful information;
  • provided new information; and
  • had practical application for their NLCC project.

For each presentation/activity, participants were asked rate their level of agreement with statements using the following scale: 1 = Strongly Disagree; 2 = Disagree; 3 = Neither Disagree or Agree; 4 = Agree; and 5 = Strongly Agree.

Presentations/activities held each day were:

Day 1: Cultural Mindfulness, Effective Supervisor Skills, History of Aaniiih College

Day 2: Survey Development, Team Building & Communication, Planning & Discussion

Day 3: Survey Development Report Out, Program Sustainability

The number of participants completing the survey each day were as follows: Day 1 = 11; Day 2 = 10; and Day 3 = 6.

Findings from the daily surveys suggest that the convening was well-received.

The aggregate mean score for all the presentations/activities was 4.48, suggesting that participants found value in all of the presentations/activities.

The top-three mean scores among presentations/activities on the five-level rating assessment for the convening were

  • Planning & Discussion, 4.97;
  • Team Building & Communication, 4.80; and
  • Survey Development, 4.60.

Using a different lens for assessing satisfaction and benefit to participants, combining all participant responses using the criteria for assessing each of the day’s presentations/activities (i.e., useful information, new information, and practical application), 93% of all responses for the statements were an agree or strongly agree on rating.

Great job everyone!