Integrated Practice Assessment Tool (IPAT): BH2I Challenge!

Contribution by Maria Griffin and Denise Middlebrook

Thank you to the grantees who shared their IPAT scores with us. We really appreciate your collaboration so we can let IHS know how successful the BH2I projects are.

As a recap from last month’s newsletter, we asked for you to fill out the IPAT and share it with us at the TTA Center. The information will help us convince IHS to establish a second BH2I cohort. We’ve extended the due date of the IPAT to November 30, 2019. This will be the last extension, so those who do participate will be part of the IPAT Challenge. The IPAT Challenge rules are as follows.

  1. Download the IPAT from the toolkit
  2. Fill it out with your team. You might want to have each one fill it out individually, discuss the scores, and determine the final score.
  3. Send Denise Middlebrook or me, Maria Griffin your filled out IPAT by November 30, 5:00 p.m. PDT.
  4. The winner…actually there’s no winner this early in the game.
  5. In June 2020, fill out the IPAT again.
  6. Send Denise Middlebrook or me, Maria Griffin your filled out IPAT by June 19, 2020, 5:00 p.m. PDT.
  7. The winning site or sites will receive a gift during the convening in Washington DC.

In the meantime, the TTA Center staff will also be filling out IPATs for each site to compare with your self-assessments, and tracking you forward movement in your project according to IPAT criteria. Stay tuned for the winning criteria in next month’s issue.

Training Opportunities

Maria Griffin looked around and found these opportunities for your consideration. If you hear of any that you think everyone might be interested, feel free to send them to her.

Two Spirit/Native LGBTQ Identity for the Clinical SettingNov. 15, 2019Location
More Information
2nd Annual Boarding School Healing ConferenceNov. 19-21, 2019Location
Tulalip, Washington
More Information
Being Trauma-InformedNov. 19-21, 2019Location
Anchorage, Alaska
Choose Respect Men’s Mentoring Program to End ViolenceDec. 4-6, 2019Location
San Diego, California
2020 Women and Men’s Wellness and Diabetes Prevention ConferenceApril 14-16, 2020Location
San Diego, California
2020 American Indian Elders ConferenceAugust 17-21, 2020Location
Reno, Nevada
More Information
3rd Annual National Native Health Research Training ConferenceJune 29, 2020-July 1, 2020Location
Temecula, California
More Information