Peer-to-Peer Cohort Calls

Contribution by Denise Middlebrook and Maria Griffin

The cohort will be meeting quarterly to discuss topics on integrated care models, data (gathering, processing, analyzing, sharing), or types of sustainability. We need your input on the topics to discuss (which is why the table under Topic is blank). We will ask three grantees to think about the topic and provide an example from their own site, consider it a case study discussion. We will send emails to the grantees about the topic, so no surprises. We decided to meet as a cohort each quarter, primarily because of the webinar schedule being so full. The dates for the peer-to-peer cohort calls is in the table below.

DateTimeTopicGrantees & Facilitator
January 16, 202011:00 a.m. PT
April 16, 202011:00 a.m. PT
July 16, 202011:00 a.m. PT

Please provide us with a list of what you would like to discuss with your peers and with which topic or subject you are willing to share your experience. We’ll find a facilitator to encourage the discussion. Send your topic ideas to Denise Middlebrook ( as soon as you can.


Contribution by Maria Griffin and TeleBehavioral Health Center of Excellence (TBHCE) tele-education program (

The TBHCE will be producing a Behavioral Health Integration Webinar Series that is based on the webinars we produced during years 1 and 2. They will be offered live and provided continuing education (CE) credits when applicable for Nurses, Pharmacists, Physicians, Psychologists, and Social Workers through the IHS Clinical Support Center. In addition, some of the webinars that we have developed for year 3 will also be offered through the TBHCE and will have CEs associated with it. The table below shows which webinars are being supported by the TBHCE. As we move closer, we will be providing actual dates and registration pages in the newsletter and in the digital toolkit.

MonthWebinars – IHS TBHCEWebinars BH2I Year 3
October 2019What’s New Year 3? (MG)
November 2019Closing your Grant (IHS) (tentative)
December 2019Effective Design IC Models, BH Documentation (LR/JE)Closing your Grant (IHS) (tentative)
January 2020IPAT, BHICA, Provider Survey, SWOT-Café (GB/BF/JM)BHICA, Provider Survey, SWOT-Café (GB/BF/JM)
February 2020Primary Care Engagement (LR/JE)
Documenting Behaviroal Health Encounters (LR)
Social Determinants Culturally Adapted for AIAN Communities (DM/JE)
March 2020Measurement Based Care 101 (LR)
Measurement Based Care 201 (LR)
Measurement Based Care 201 (LR)
April 2020Evidence-based Screeners, Intervention (DM)Convening Poster Preparation (JM/MG)
May 2020Pediatric Model of Integrated Care (LR/JE)Pediatric Model of Integrated Care (LR/JE)
June 2020Substance Use Disorder Model of IC (LR/JE/DM)Substance Use Disorder Model of IC (LR/JE/DM)
July 2020Psychotropic Meds for non-med providers (LR/JE)Psychotropic Medications for Non-med providers (LR/JE)
August 2020Opiate Mgment in Primary Care: IC approach (JE/DM)Grantees Report on Social Determinants (JE/DM)
September 2020Social Determinants Cultrally Adapted for AI/AN Communities (DM/JE)BH2I Data Review (GB/BF)