Contribution by Jim Myers, MSW, NLCC Language Evaluator

In preparing for the upcoming Semi-annual Meeting, the NLCC Training and Technical Assistance team reviewed each grantee’s completed Cohort-Wide Impact Indicator form for Year 1 through Year 4 of the grant. The purpose of the review was to assess progress on key indicators that are influential in project sustainability post-grant.

One (1) of the key indicators reviewed for each grantee over the four (4) year period were efforts to strengthen and enhance their Strategic Plan. A summation of yearly Strategic Planning efforts and grantee highlights are presented in the matrix below.

Tracking Strategic Planning Efforts

Year 1 EffortsYear 1 Grantee Highlight
Efforts: (a) discussions of protecting language, created a Language Committee that is responsible for developing Strategic Plan; (b) identification that current Strategic Plan did NOT address community needs; and (c) long-term restoration plan was developed prior to the grant.Grantee Highlight: Guidance on developing a Strategic Plan will be community-driven.
Year 2 EffortsYear 2 Grantee Highlight
Efforts: (a) continued to work on the development of Strategic Plan; (b) adopted process of formally and annually reviewing the Strategic Plan; (c) held a Strategic Planning meeting and workshop; and (d) held monthly meetings with Language Committee to create new long- and short-term goals.Grantee Highlight: Focusing on Strategic Planning goals that are achievable.
Year 3 EffortsYear 3 Grantee Highlight
Efforts: (a) met to refine Strategic Plan; (b) continued yearly review of the Strategic Plan; (c) developed a 5-year work plan; (d) held a facilitated Strategic Planning meeting; and (e) planned for gathering input from potential partners.Grantee Highlight: Developed an Action Plan.
Year 4 EffortsYear 4 Grantee Highlight
Efforts: (a) held meetings to refine Strategic Plan; (b) determined that a new Strategic Plan needs to be developed; (c) developed mission and vision statements to complement Strategic Plan, and (d) continued to plan for gathering input from potential partners.Grantee Highlight: Identified that the current Strategic Plan did NOT meet the contemporary needs of Language Programs. A new plan should guide current leaders and the next generation.