Year 5! Where did the time go?

Contribution by Maria Griffin

Welcome to year 5 of your Cooperative Agreement with the Administration of Native Americans!

This is your final year, and here are some things to keep in mind as you finish up your project.

  • Community Readiness Assessment – Year 5
  • Carryover requests filed as soon as possible
  • Completing objectives to meet the goal of your project
  • Gathering all of your data to tell the accurate story of your achievements and challenges, as well as the prospects to sustain your project

Remember, we here at the NLCC T/TA Center are ready to help you with technical assistance, individual training, building evaluation capacity, and project management. Give us a call for your needs, or during the monthly coaching calls, set up a time to talk with us about what you need to succeed. We are here to help your project be successful.

Community Forum

Contribution by Maria Griffin

As announced during the June Cohort Call (June 9, 2020), the NLCC T/TA Center has launched the NLCC Community Forum in the membership section of the website (

The only area to be monitored is the submission of topics. The T/TA Director, Cree Whelshula, will monitor the topics to ensure that duplications don’t occur, to keep conversations streamlined.

If you don’t have access to the membership side of the website, please email the NLCC T/TA Center Director, Maria Griffin, at and she’ll forward your information to our website master.