The definition of mindfulness is being in the moment. In ceremony, we align our thoughts and emotions positively to ensure strong prayers and good outcomes for those we pray for. Language is a ceremony of healing, and we take the time to acknowledge that language and culture are medicine. These activities are physical manifestations of our thoughts, emotion, and prayers for the revitalization of our languages.

We ask that attendees share their mindfulness activities by taking a picture of their work and emailing it to Maria ( to upload to the Mindfulness page.

For the Semi-annual meeting our mindfulness activities are two types: cultural and general.

Cultural Mindfulness

Mindfulness is being in the present moment with a conscious awareness of thought and feeling. Culturally, when gathering, cooking, or creating, it is important to have an awareness of your emotional state to ensure that you are putting good thoughts and feelings into what you are doing.

For our virtual convening, our co-host, the Kiowa Tribe will be providing instruction on how to make an Indian Perfume bundle.

Indian Perfume Bag: You’ll find a 6”x 6” square of fabric, a 4” piece of ribbon, a clipping of horsemint, also known as wild bergamot, in a baggie, and a sewing kit.

Quick instructions

  • Sew a hem about ¼” all around your square of fabric. You can use your own machine or sew by hand with the sewing kit. (See How to hand sew hems and edges by Sidney Eileen)
  • Place your plant in the middle.
  • Gather the edges of your fabric into a bundle.
  • Tie the ribbon about two-fingers’ length below the top of the gathered edges into a square knot.

General Mindfulness

For general mindfulness, to help those that enjoy or use doodling as part of being in the moment, we’ll be providing pages designed by Cree Whelshula for coloring.

The paper activities (coloring pages) will be available in your materials packet as hardcopies, on the USB drive to print out more to share, as well as below for downloading.

Downloadable content

Kiowa Presentation with video included

How to hand sew hems and edges by Sidney Eileen

Breathe Coloring Page

Cree’s Original Coloring Page

Eagle Coloring Page

NLCC Coloring Page