Jim Myers, MSW

Jim Myers is the Language Evaluator for the NLCC cohort. He provides the cohort with capacity building training in research, assessment, and evaluation. In addition, he supports the NLCC cohort with data collection and analysis.

Jim is Director of Evaluation and Research at Gary Bess Associates (GBA) and has been with GBA since 2001. He has taught courses in research methods and program evaluation in the School of Social Work at California State University, Chico. At GBA, Jim oversees evaluations and applied research projects. His expertise is in quantitative and qualitative assessment. As a macro practice social worker, Jim is experienced in survey question development, data coordination, data organization and analysis, and development of final reports. For the last 10 years, Jim has been conducting evaluations with programs working towards integrated health care. He also has been/and is concurrently the local evaluator SAMHSA-funded Circles of Care planning grants for Native American tribes and agencies.

Jim holds a Master of Social Work from California State University, Chico, CA and has taken doctoral courses in human and organization development.

Tachini Pete, MBA (Salish/Navajo)

Tachini Pete is Salish/Navajo, and is the current Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Director for the Native Language Community Coordination (NLCC) T/TA Center. He has been learning Salish of the Flathead Reservation for the past 25 years. He is an avid learner, researcher, and teacher of the Salish language. Tachini is well-known for his work in Salish languages and is a strong proponent for language revitalization. He is co-founder and founding executive director of Nkwusm, Salish Language Revitalization Institute. Tachini has authored the modern Salish language translation dictionary, “Medicine for the Salish Language” (SKC Press), published in 2010, and is finishing up the latest edition.

Tachini’s language consulting work over the past 23 years centers around providing language programs, communities, and funders with guidance and evaluation of their revitalization strategies and prioritization. He provides a revitalization framework to show language programs and communities the components and stages of work to better understand at what level their current effort is as well as how they can grow and advance toward their language revitalization goals. Furthermore, Tachini assists language leadership with program development by helping identify prioritization strategies based on current resources available to accomplish their goals. He creates training materials to help language programs and communities understand the processes of language revitalization and assists in bringing community efforts in alignment with current stage of language development.

Tachini works on language transfer capacity, second language acquisition, and researching and documenting the Salish language. Tachini’s experience teaching at all age levels (preschool to college) as well as an executive leader, understanding funding agencies, and advocate for language revitalization will support the needs of the NLCC cohort in the coming year.

Tachini holds a Master of Business Administration from Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Montana Western, Dillon, MT. Tachini is a small business owner of Tachini Drums.